In this document, it will be explained setup and usage of Android Caller ID Application.

By using Android Caller Id Application, you will be able to redirect the incoming calls of your mobile phone to SambaPOS just like using a normal caller Id device. You can track the customers who called you and get their orders through this app.
In order to use this feature, you need to have SambaPOS 5.2.22 version installed.

You can purchase the license through Community Portal ( )

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the Google Services must be installed on the mobile device.

1. Installing Caller ID Module on SambaPOS

 Samba Market > Caller ID Module > here, click on Install and Restart the SambaPOS.

2. Installing Advanced Delivery Screen Setup

If Advanced Delivery Screen Setup is not installed, you should install it  by following the steps of this this document.

3. Adding Cellular Caller Id As Device

Main Menu > Manage > Settings > Local Settings > Devices > Click on Add, select CellularCallerId, and configure settings as below image.

Device Name: CellularCallerId

Click on Settings and configure as below;

Popup Name: CIDPOPUP

Entity Type Name: Customers

Department Name: Restaurant

Entity Screen Name: Delivery

Widget Name: Callerid Widget

Trim Chars: Internation Phone Code of your country.

After completing necessary editings, click on Save button.

4. Configuring Caller ID Pop Up Settings

4.1. Adding Action

Main Menu > Manage > Automation > Actions > here, click Add Action.

Action Name: DLV_Caller ID Set Widget Value

Action Type: Set Widget Value

Widget Name: Callerid Widget

Value: [:Phone]

After completing necessary editings, click on Save button.

4.2. Adding Rule

Main Menu > Manage > Automation > Rules > here, click Add Rule.

Rule Name: DLV_Popup Clicked

Event Name: Popup Clicked

Execute Rule if: Matches

Add Csutom Constraint:


Select Action:

Action: DLV_CallerID Set Widget Value

Phone: Phone:[:Data]

After completing necessary editings, click on Save button.

5. Delivery Service Customer Screen Settings

Main Menu > POS > Delivery Service Screen > here, right click on mouse, open the Design Mode, select Customers Window, right click and select Properties, type Callerid Widget into Name field and then click Ok.

Switch off the Design Mode by right clicking on mouse so that the changes will be saved.

6. Configuring Settings of Android Caller ID Application

Download Android Caller ID Application from here, install it to your phone and configure the settings according to below images.

After installing the application, you will see a screen like below;

Configure Settings part as below image;

Host Name: IP Address of Server Computer

License EMail Address: The email address that your license is registered or User Name

Mail Timer: The hours that call logs will be sent as email.

After completing necessary editings, click on Save button.