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1. Screen Views

General Accounts Screen
Cash Register Screen
Customer Accounts Screen

2. Account Screen Settings and Editing

Add Account Screen
Edit Account Screen
Delete Account Screen
Sort Account Screen

1. Screen Views

Navigation Screen View 


General Settings Screen View


Cash Register Screen View

Customer Accounts Screen View


2. Account  Screens Settings and Editing

Manage > Accounts > Account Screens

Configure the settings and editings from account screens.


Account Screen Properties:

Name: General Accounts (Give a name for account screen)
Filter Type: Selection of which time periods will be included for the information on the screen. All, Monthly, Weekly, Work Period.
Display as Tree: The account templates which selected for screen are listed as main category. It displays the relation between each other as hierarchy.
Display Summary
Select Account Template

Account Screen Properties


Cash Registery Account Screen Properties

Customers Account Screen Properties