Computer Hardware Requirements

SambaPOS must be run on computers with at least Intel Celeron J1900 CPU. At least Windows 10 operating system must be used and min .Net Framework 4.8 must be installed.

Computers with a minimum of 4GB of RAM must be used. A disk of 60 GB or more will be sufficient, but it is recommended to use SSD disks, since SSD disks give much better performance in speed and long-term operations.

Monitor resolution should be minimum 1024×768. Because of SambaPOS has Responsivity feature, you can use HD or Full HD screens and resize them as desired through SambaPOS.

It is possible to use SambaPOS much more easily via touchscreen. You can use any type of touchscreen. You can prefer All in one devices.

Printer Hardware

You can use SambaPOS with any type of thermal or dot-matrix ticket printer which  ESC/POS compatible.

Tablet Hardware

The most ideal tablet devices to use SambaPOS are the ones which has Intel Chipset and Windows 8.1 or 10 installed. On the versions above Android 4.4, it is possible to use terminals with the connection of SambaPOS Mobile Application by accessing to the computer that SambaPOS is connected.

Caller ID Device

SambaPOS CIDShow Chip set Caller ID devices, run integratedly with Hugin Caller ID devices. As well as you can use as Caller ID box Conexant Chip set Caller ID featured fax modem devices.


Cas ER Junior model, runs directly with TEM EGE model scales. Also you can use all scales which is able to send data to computer through COM port, by adding them Custom Scale.

Barcode Reader/Writer

On SambaPOS you can use all barcode readers (barcode, QR code) which has keyboard emulator.

Cash Drawer

On SambaPOS it is possible to use all cash drawers that were triggered by connecting with RJ11 interface through printer.