In order to create remaining balanced customers report go to Manage > Reports > Reports from here click on Add Report link.

  • Name: Field to write name of report. (For example; Remaining Balanced Customers)
  • Page Size: Field to set size of page. (In the example; 500px)
  • Display in Report Explorer: Activate it by selecting the box.
  • Template: Write Remaining Balanced Customers as template title and copy the code below and paste into template area.
[#Debtor and Creditor Accounts:2,2,1,1]
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name,EC.Address,EC.Phone,E.Balance.sum:(ET=Customers) && E.AccountId>0:::$4!=0}

After completing necessary editings, click on Save button. You can display related report on navigation screen in the Reports menu.