It is the menu that uniquely developed account system of SambaPOS is displayed. In here incomes and expenses are displayed and processed.

You can get detailed information of account types that were created during the setup process.

  • Sales Accounts
  • Payment Accounts
  • Discount Accounts
  • Customer Accounts
  • Restaurant Accounts
  • Income Accounts
  • Expense Accounts
  • Service Accounts
  • Tax Accounts

In the general section, under the payment accounts main tab, total charged amount according to daily payment types, discounts and rounds are displayed.

  • It is possible to view the ticket by clicking on account details button.
  • It is possible to print account and its details by clicking on print button.


1-In the Work Period (Between Start Work Period- End Work Period) it is possible to see only paid incomes.

2- It is possible to authorise user roles by creating tabs according to need.

  • You can get document for selected date range.
  • You can reach to ticket that payment processed by using find ticket button.
  • It is possible to print account transactions as statement through thermal printer.