In this document, it will be explained how to change Code Page settings of printers.


1. Getting Selftest Paper


Turn off the printer by pressing on Power button. Press on Feed button which is shown in the above image. It may not be specified as Feed on some printers, in this case you can consider it as the button that gives blank page when you press on. Turn on the printer while you keep pressing on Feed button, after 5-6 seconds release the Feed button and then it will give you a paper as below.


2. Changing Code Page

Select USB from Port Selection and go to the next screen by clicking on Advanced Button.



Into the Code Page Set field, insert the proper Code Page Number which belongs to your country. You can find necessary code in the Selftest Page. Once you clicked on SetCodePage button, your printer’s language will be changed.

Note: These images are examples, each printer brand might have their own Tool Program. You can provide necessary Tool Program from manufacturer of your printer.