1. Actions: 

Users can manage the rules by actions which are created according to need.

Action List:

Start Work Period
End Work Period
Login User
Logout User
Change Ticket Entity
Close Ticket
Create Ticket
Display Ticket
Execute Ticket Command
Load Last Order
Load Ticket
Move Tagged Orders
Save Ticket
Select Automation Command
Execute HTML Widget Action
Set Current Terminal
Update Program Settings
Navigate Module
Change Screen Menu
Display Payment Screen
Display Ticket List
Display Ticket Log
Set NumberPad Value
Backup Database
Change Database Connection
Execute Configuration Task
Excecute Database Task
Restore Database
Data Export
Log Entity State
Print Report
Refresh Custom Report Widget
Save Report to File
Execute Script
Broadcast Message
Create Account Transaction
Create Account Transaction Document
Batch Create Documents
Print Account Screen
Print Account Transaction Document
Print Account Transactions
Add Line to Text File
Loop Values
Modify Variable
Refresh Cache
Send E-mail
Set Active Ticket Type
Refresh Widgets
Set Widget Value
Start Process
Change Price List
Popup Browser
Ask Question
Display Popup
Show Message
Add Order
Add Ticket Log
Cancel Orders
Change Ticket Properties
Duplicate Orders
Lock Ticket
Mark Ticket As Closed
Merge Tickets
Update Payment Description
Pay ticket
Stop Product Timers
Tag Order
Unlock Ticket
Untag Order
Update Ticket Line Separator
Update Order
Update Order Group
Update Order Separator
Update Order State
Update Order Tag Price
Update Order Tag Quantity
Update Ticket Calculation
Update Ticket State
Update Ticket Tag
Add Task
Execute Print Job
Create Entity
Load Entity
Print Entity
Update Entity Data
Update Entity Note
Update Entity State
Execute Automation Command
Cancel Ticket Payments
Reopen Closed Ticket
Select Orders
Update Ticket Date
Update Application Subtitle                                                                                                                                                                  Send Tweet


2. Rules:

It is the field to configure the actions according to need by assigning to rules.

Rules List:

File Monitor Triggered
Application Screen Changed
Automation Command Executed
Trigger Executed
User Login
User Logout
Work Period Started
Before Work Period Ends
Work Period Ended
Ticket Created
Ticket Moving
Ticket Moved
Ticket Displayed
Ticket Opened
Before Ticket Closing
Ticket Closing
Ticket Closed
Tickets Merged
Ticket Entity Changed
Ticket Tag Selected
Ticket State Updated
Ticket Total Changed
Payment Processed
Change Amount Updated
Order Added to Ticket
Order Moving
Order Moved
Order Cancelled
Order Tagged
Order Untagged
Order State Updated
Order Portion Changed
Order Selection Changed
Entity Selected
Entity Updated
Entity State Updated
Entity Screen Changed
Account Transaction Document Created
Account Transaction Added to Ticket
Message Received
Device Event Generated
Application Started
Application Ending
Value Looped
Numberpad Value Entered
Popup Clicked
HTML Widget Load Completed
Pin Code Entered