Inventory Products

Inventory menu products are different than the products that are sold in restaurant. It is possible to create products to use as semi product items for recipes. So that recipes can be created easily.

In the example pizza dough and pizza sauce products will be used;

In case of same pizza dough raw materials will be used for all type of medium pizzas then create only one pizza dough product. Create a recipe for this pizza dough product so that it can be used as a single row in the recipe of pizza itself.

Adding inventory item product is much easier than adding normal product.

Manage > Inventory > Products from here click on Add Product link.

Product Name:

Field to write the name of product.

Group Code:

It makes possible to separate the products on the reportings. Select an existing group or create according to need.


It is necessary to produce the same product in different amounts and with different ingredients. Such as for pizza unit should be determined to create different recipes for different sized doughs.