In SambaPOS, data can be analized in two ways;

  1. Reports
  2. Statements

Basically there is functioning difference between them.

Statement: Basically it means a definite or clear expression of something.

Note: Reports and Statements are different things.

  1. Report: Data is used for getting result within the framework of previously created criterias.
  2. Fixed Statement: Data is used for detailed listing according to process ranking without using any condition or filter.
  3. Moving Statements: In the user interface it is used for getting desired results instantly by using filters, conditions and parameters.

Standard Statements on SambaPOS;

  1. Ticket Statement
  2. Order Statement
  3. Payment Statement

Features to Be Used on Statement Page

  1. It is possible to print on A4 printers by making printer selection.
  2. You can save the statement in different formats.
  3. It is possible to customize the screen by using Hide/Show feature for desired column.
  4. You can apply Filter and Conditions to columns.
  5. It is possible to apply word search by opening search box.