After making connection and necessary configurations on SambaPOS, Caller Id becomes usable for delivery service.

In the example it will be shown what to do in cases of receiving a call from saved and unsaved customer.

Receiving Call from Unsaved Customer

When received call from unsaved customer on the Caller ID, at the bottom right corner it shows phone number of the calling person, date and time info.

When clicked on Popup, it redirects you to entity screen. Click on Create New Customer link here.

In the window after filling customer information fields, first click on save button and then Create Account button to add a current account for the customer.

After creating account process for the customer, click on Select Customer button.

After taking customer orders on the ticket, click on Close button.

So that orders of newly created customer will be displayed on the waiting orders column.

Receiving Call from Saved Customer

When a Saved Customer calling on CallerID, it shows name of the customer on the bottom right corner.


When you clicked on Popup, Select Customer button becomes active.

It is possible to take order from ticket by clicking on Select Customer button.