In SambaPOS, since the versionV3.027 it is possible to get Barcode and QR Code receipts from the kitchen and slip printers.

1D Barcodes

There is tag list below as sample.

Tag Format Check Digit
<BAR> Code 128 Absent
<BAR39> Code 39 Absent
<BAR13> Ean 13 Present
<BAR08> Ean 8 Present
<BAR93> Code 93 Present
<BAR11> Code 11 Absent
<BAR25> Code 25 Absent

For example;

With this value <BAR>123456789 it is possible to create a barcode which including digits from 1 to 9.

With this value <BAR>{ENTITY NAME} it is possible to print the entity name as barcode.

QR Code

<QR> <QR> this is the tag for creating QR Code.

Creating the tag <QR> by adding two values to next to it, helps forming the desired QR code.
x: Value that whole QR code can get. It can get value from 1 to 9. Value 1 creates QR code in the smallest size, value 9 in the greatest size.
y: Value that error protection of QR code. It can get value from 1 to 4. Value 1 creates the most plaine, the simplest QR code, value 4 creates the most complicated QR code.


With the value of <QR>123456789 it is possible to create a QR code that includes the digits from 1 to 9.

With the value of <QR41>{ENTITY NAME} it is possible to create a QR code that entity name size is 4 units, error protection level is low.


Determine where to put the created barcodes and QR codes on the ticket. (Left aligned, centric, right aligned)

The tags that need to adjust these processes:

  • <el> : Executes the value of left aligned
  • <ec> : Executes the value of centered
  • <er> : Executes the value of right aligned

Sample: <codejava> [ENTITY] <C00>SambaPOS <F>- <T>Free <T>Coffee Coupon <R00> <EC> <QR80>{ENTITY NAME} <R00> <R00>{ENTITY NAME} </code>