Purpose: It will run through Print Bill command and a new customer sequence number will be printed to ticket each time button is clicked.

Usage Area: It is used in the restaurants which has Fast Food Sale (Pre Paid Sale), in case of it is desired to make possible for customers to track their orders from “Customer Sequence Number”.

  • You can run the action that was created for sequence number by relating to other rules according to need. In this example it has been shown how to print Customer Sequence Number to the ticket in order to make possible to track their orders for the customers. Increase the number when receive the payment, increase the number when receive the order etc.
  • Don’t be confused because of ticket numerator. This is not the Ticket Number.
  • Customer Sequence Number will be cleared at the End Work Period.

1- Editing Ticket Template

Go to Manage > Printing > Printer Templates from here double click on Ticket Template.

Copy and paste to the field that Sequence Number desired to be displayed on Ticket Template.


-- General layout
<T> Ticket
<J00>Date:{TICKET DATE}| Time:{TIME}
<C00>TicketNo:{TICKET NO}

2- Adding New Action

Go to Manage > Automation > Actions from here click on Add Action link.

  • Action Name: SN-Update Print Sequence Number
  • Action Type: Update Ticket Tag
  • Tag Name: Print Sequence
  • Tag Value: [:Sequence]

After completing necessary fields, click on Save button.

3- Adding Rule

Go to Manage > Automation > Rules from here click on Add Rule link.

  • Rule Name: Print Bill Rule
  • Event Name: Automation Command Executed
  • Add Custom Constraint: Add two lines custom constraint fields.
    • Automation Command Name | Equals | Print Bill
    • {ORDER COUNT} | Greater | 0
  • Action > Select Action: Select these actions like below;
    • SN-Update Print Sequence Number
      • Into Sequence Field: [=TN(‘{TICKET TAG:PrintSequence}’)+1]
    • Execute Bill Print Job
    • Lock Ticket
    • Update Entity State
    • Update Ticket Status
    • Close Ticket

After completing necessary fields, click on Save button.

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